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Results may vary from person to another and can not be fully guaranteed.


Clairvoyance is one of Yassir's strong points, among many other capacities.


ln the field of clairvoyance, Yassir has many capabilities under his belt, notably through supports such as: Cauris, iskhare, tarology, flashes, chiromancy, blank paper, clairvoyance with water and with the khatime, the ramelou, and many others...


He answers accurately to all your questions by use of these various methods, one or the other being selected as being best adapted to answer the request. His answers are clear and precise, and he also advises you for your future, your projects, your business.


Into the future to solve all your problems through a mediumnic action, even in the most desperate cases.


Each consultation will be studied personally and specifically. His frankness, his discretion, his seriousness as well as his well recognized capabilities in analysis and reaction will lead to the resolution of your problem.


Your future may be spotted with nasty experiences that you could avoid, or you may have to take important decisions whose importance might be beyond your grasp... Only a pure and individualized clairvoyance can make it clear for you. So don't wait any longer to learn more...


Prevention is better than cure, taking action at the right time is the key to success. The difference between success and failure only lies in a serious and early analysis !