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Méthods and means

With his great experience, strengt he ned by lots of interventions during the last years, Yassir perfectly controls various techniques, such as voodoo. He inherited his gifts from his ancestors, and developed them when he met other Enlightened in Africa and Haiti, cradle of voodoo magic. Yassir can fulfill your dearest wishes, be they in the emotional field, spell-breaking, exorcisms, business development, and all occult works in general.


Yassir, in collaboration with his team, has a very special way of working. Thanks to his great experience, he obtains exceptional success in occult works, in all kinds of cases, from the simplest to the most difficult. There is no backlash, and his works are protected and made invisible to other magical experts. They cannot find out the nature and the quality of the work that has been carried out.


Various techniques are used: White magic, black magic, magic of the Sun and the Moon, and of course Voodoo. These various means are selected depending on the situations and the desired results. Each magic, with its own spirituality, arts in its own field of action, therefore it can be judicious to use white magic, black magic or black voodoo.


These methods are not used together during the same work, but each method is used with the respect due to their own rules. Many problems happen because these various practices are poorly mastered, which is clearly harmful to the desired achievement, and even Ieads to failure.


He can also, if that proves to be necessary, take you with him to Africa to complete the work.