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Occult protection

Yassir tells you you about "occult protection"; protection against bad vibrations, jealousy, bad fate, bewitchments and magic in general, curses, the souhour...


If you feel that you are a victim and problems pile up, Yassir will never suggest the use of a Talisman; if you are really bewitched, it is too late, a Talisman won't be of any use. Imagine that your body is soiled. Putting clean clothes on won't remove the dirt. What you need first is an in-depth cleaning through a spell break. Then you will use a Talisman to protect yourself. This is why Yassir studies your case carefully, because the Talisman is useful only if you are free from any evil or curse.


If it turns out you've been bewitched, or the victim of a curse, souhour, voodoo, etc,


Yassir will evaluate the seriousness and the age of this spell, as well as the method used to cast it. Yassir will then be able to determine a plan of action, and he will, with the assistance of the Spirits, destroy all this evil in a definitive way. Then comes the time for protection; using his spirituality, Yassir will collect some elements from you, to complete his work of protection. There are many different ways to protect you, be it with the help of your Guardian angel or with a Talisman. It depends on the kind of bewitchment that was used against you, and on the enemies who are after you. In some particular cases, this work of protection can require your presence.


Of course, it's best to protect yourself before you are the victim of a bad spell. If it turns out you are not the victim of any bewitchment or any other evil, Yassir will propose you an individualized Talisman which will give you an absolute protection against all kinds of harmful influences, be it white magic, black magic, voodoo, etc.