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Return of the loved one

The "KUWODIYATA" method


Your loved one will dream of you, they will revive the exchange of all these words of love that Yassir will set in their heart. These privileged moments you shared together will return in the form of dreams which they will keep in mind night and day. Your loved one will come back to you and will love YOU, their passion will live again and they will remain by your side with love. Another method can be used for the return of affection.

It's a different method which acts on the memories of the sexual relations you had with your partner.


Through sexuality, which is only used as support for the occult action, your loved one will feel the impulses they used to feel for you during your relations, and they will make them come back to you. But sex in this case is used only as a support for the love feelings the person has for you. 


These are not the only methods available to Yassir to make your loved one return! Yassir will choose other methods, according to their capacity to solve your personal case. Specific personal elements are examined to determine the best method to carry out this work. These methods use different kinds of magic, different techniques and different Spirits, such as the Spirits of the Stars, the Moon, the Sun, etc. Yassir uses an effective and safe magic

which leads to the desired result; there is no backlash.


In conclusion, there are many effective means to make your loved one return in a long-lasting way !

Find your soul mate!

If you have been looking for your soul mate for several years, if you only have short-lived dates, if your partners leave you without reason, do not remain in this situation. you are most certainly the victim of a block. you may be

experiencing bad vibrations, or be the subject of a bewitchment, and that's why things never go well for you. you only experience failures and that prevents you from building your love life. An occult work is necessary, it will be individualized occording to your specific situation.